Bynder API

Bynder's API enables developers to build their bynder-powered applications based on a large set of functionalities provided to them. This is accessible via an HTTP RESTful interface. Here you will find information that will help to get you started but also understand how you can use the API V4 Reference in order to do more complex calls.


API Users

Every action performed by the API is actually attributed to a specific user. This user is identified by the parameters passed in the OAuth authorization header.

Regarding the users you select for your API calls, make sure that:

Because every call is performed by a specific user, you should also pay attention to the permissions that this user has. If the user does not have access to something in the portal, then as it is logical, will not be able to access it from the API too.

Getting Started


Make your first call

Make a call to get media from Bynder:

HTTP Parameter Value
Endpoint your-bynder-domain/api/v4/media/
Headers Authorization : OAuth version 1.0 generated authorization header