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React Formulation

The Bynder React Formulation is an open source solution for easy form validation in React JavaSricpt applications. It was inspired by another open source project called react-reformed.


npm install @bynder/react-formulation --save


If you want to try out a little demo first, you can check it out here or try it yourself:

git clone [email protected]:Bynder/react-formulation.git
cd react-formulation
npm install
npm start


React Formulation offers two types of forms. The first one is a high order component for larger forms, the second one is a component for a form with just one input field and a submit and cancel button.


If you have a larger form you'll use the High order component:

import { withValidation, Validator } from '@bynder/react-formulation';

    validateOn: 'change', // optional, default value is 'blur'
    schema: {
        firstname: {
            required: true,
        lastname: {
            minLength: 2,
            maxLenght: 30,
        // ...more validation rules
class YourForm extends React.Component {
    componentWillMount() {
            firstname: 'Foo',
            lastname: 'Bar',

    onSubmit() {
        // handle submit

    render() {
        // Wrap your entire form in a <Validator.Form> component
        // Add a submit handler
        // Wrap every input in a <Validator> component
        // Provide a name to Validator (must match the name you provided in the schema)
        return (
            <Validator.Form onSubmit={this.onSubmit}>
                <Validator name="firstname">
                    <input />
                <Validator name="lastname">
                    <input />
                <button type="submit">Submit</submit>

export default YourForm;

Inline Form

For forms with just a single input you'll use the Inline Form component:

import { InlineForm } from '@bynder/react-formulation';

// Wrap your input and buttons in an <InlineForm> component.
// Provide the name of your input, validation rules, initial value,
// and optionally custom messages to this component.
// Add an onSubmit handler.
// Wrap the input in a <InlineForm.Field> component.
const YourInlineForm = () => (
            required: true,
            minLength: 2,
            maxLength: 30,
            // Custom validation messages
            required: 'Please don\'t leave me empty',
            minLength: condition => `Please use a minimum of ${condition} characters`,
        onSubmit={(val) => { // handle submit }}
        <InlineForm.Field resetOnEscape>
            <label htmlFor="inlineform-name">Name</label>
            <input id="inlineform-name" />
        <InlineForm.Errors /> // (optional) This will display the error messages
        <InlineForm.Cancel> // (optional) This will reset your form when you click cancel
            <button type="button">
        <InlineForm.Submit> // (optional) This disables the submit button if the field isn't valid
            <button type="submit">

export default YourInlineForm;

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